erm i might quit, unless... 10z2xd5
erm i might quit, unless... 9tpedk
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    erm i might quit, unless...


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    default erm i might quit, unless...

    Post  teddybear on Wed May 25, 2011 7:34 pm

    right, as my previous thread says... i joined for the source that is on "runelocus" pictures - so i expected it to be that one, if you dont change back then i am out if im honest with you - ive seen quite a few players on saying stuff like *oh this is getting boring* ect, do you know why?... cos all there is to do is -kill kbd, kq, godwars, and zombies- thats about it - it does get boring of killing the same stuff

    thats why servers does aload of updates to add and change things not to try and keep it the same stuff...
    see cos' i remember seeing a picture that said 31 players and i was like yeah thats a good fair amount now there is only 11 players online cos' youve changed it - it gets boring with just 11 players we need those players back

    so surely change back to other source or atleast change the pictures on runelocus, for people joining false source/server thinking yeah this is good, and then joining go nah this is boring after 5mins, only 10players aah im off, but with other source - oo alot of things too kill 4hrs later - wow this doesnt get boring oh and a fair amount of players nice - and no i am not slagging the server off

    so what do you say about changing it back?

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