508/525 with Korasi's Sword including special!
508/525 with Staff of Light including special!
508/525 with Hand Cannon including special!

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Updates on My Life

August 21st

Where I've been

I always check this website, literally everyday. It surprises me after the server being off for so long, people still post. I actually feel honored to have made such a great community and attracted such loyal players. Anyway, this is what's going on. I just started my junior year in high school, as well as picked back up on programming. I'm currently 16 years old, and will be turning 17 in October. My Java programming skills are perfectly stable (Java is what 99% of RSPS Servers are programmed in). Currently, I'm learning JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I need to sharpen up my skills so I can come back better than ever. I'll probably start the server from a blank source, so everything will be redone/readded carefully. The source we used to play on was really messy and I bsed a lot of stuff. Even though it was some really good bsing at that haha. If I do end up putting a new server up, everyone will get their Donator status, whatever they had then. I still have the account files as well, since I know I will eventually come back to RSPS. I'll be glad to show you all the improvements, systems, and features I had added, but never ended up hosting/updating the server. The newer GUI I created is probably one of the most advanced GUIs out in the RSPS community. If you guys want to chat with me you can add me on Skype, my id is "Dorkypanda5" and I'll gladly show you what's new since the server went off. If you do add me, please leave your in-game name if you remember it. If not tell me who you are, if you can. haha (Been a while) Your loyal owner, M0r
Server Reset?

Wed May 11, 2011 10:23 pm by U back 4 m0r

I want to know your guys thoughts on the server reset. I believe it'd be a great move considering all dupes are fixed and most chaotics ingame are duped economy is not as fun as it was. I believe we should have a server reset. It'd fix a dc glitch also that's been ticking me off lately. Well I'd like to know your guys thoughts. Personally from me it's a definite yes. Donators will get the items, …

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RuneClown Pkz Client V4.3

Thu Jun 16, 2011 1:17 am by U back 4 m0r

I am really happy to announce that RuneClown Pkz most advanced 508/525 client is finally here.


3 New Epic Bosses to Battle
2 New Weapons
A New Minigame
A New Shop
Many bugs fixed!


Mirror 1:
Download: RuneClown Client V4.3.rar - 63.8 Mb

Mirror 2:
Download: RuneClown Client V4.3.rar - 63.8 Mb

I couldn't have done this without:
I pk alot I - Always there hosting the …

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RuneClown's Second Promotions.

Sat Jul 30, 2011 9:12 pm by U back 4 m0r

I have finally thought of one more moderator to add to RuneClown's staff list.

Derek - Extremely active player. Notifier of things going on when I'm not on. Takes care of business when I'm not there such as donations. Very helpful guy. Thanks and congratulations.

Congratulations to Derek to In-Game Moderator.

P.S. There may also be another moderator.

RuneClown's First Official Promotions!

Wed May 18, 2011 9:17 pm by U back 4 m0r

This has taken a while to think of. After long months of thinking for the next 2 new official moderators I pk alot I and I have decided for one of them. The promotion includes.

Bamdude37 - DEMOTED

Whoops Fail - I don't seem him doing bad ever at all. He's a great player. he's active. He helps new players as I've seen before.

Congratulations to Whoops Fail to In-Game Moderator.

P.S. There is …

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Server Reset Results.

Thu May 12, 2011 3:13 am by U back 4 m0r

The results are in and we are having a reset. This is happening now at 10:12 P.M. US Eastern. Good Luck I hope all of you continue playing.

RuneClown Client V4.0 Update.

Sat May 14, 2011 1:18 am by U back 4 m0r

New Hits Client.
RuneClown Client V4.0.rar - 64.3 Mb

Normal Hits Client.

RuneClown Client V4.00.rar - 64.3 Mb

Updates include:
New Korasi model
New Hits in New Hits Client(Thank my friend Jesper for 90 percent of it)
Donator Crown (Thank my friend Jesper)
Well that's about it. It's enjoyable though =).

As usual Enjoy!

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Spawn for 1 week?

Sun Apr 17, 2011 5:56 pm by U back 4 m0r

ALright I just was thinking would you guys want to go spawn for a week, then after that be reset back to your original accounts. The spawn source is quite fun not buggy like the current one, but I need your suggestions. Spawn source will have ANYTHING spawnable including torva, hand cannon, etc. If majority says yes, then I will post ids on forums & you guys can spawn them in game.

Runeclown Pkz client V4.0

Mon Apr 04, 2011 12:37 am by U back 4 m0r

This is probably the most I've ever coded continuously & the most I've done in my coding career so far.

Current RS Health Bar
Download: RuneClown Client V4.0.rar - 65.6 Mb
Custom Health Bar
Download: RuneClown Client V4.0.rar - 65.6 Mb
Before I say the updates please thank our host & an owner Anthony A.K.A. I pk alot I for keeping the server up!
I'm proud to announce RuneClown Pkz Client …

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Client Version 3.9 Introduced!

Thu Mar 17, 2011 1:36 am by U back 4 m0r

The client even I have been waiting for is finally here. U Back 4 M0r owner and coder of RuneClown Pkz is proud to announce RuneClown Pkz Client V3.9 is finally here!
Mirror 1
RuneClown Pkz Client Version 3.9 Download: RuneClown Client V3.9.rar - 66.1 Mb
Mirror 2
RuneClown Pkz Client Version 3.9 Download: RuneClown Client V3.9.rar - 66.1 Mb

The credits of course Smile.
Coder & Owner
U Back 4 …

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