508/525 with Korasi's Sword including special!
508/525 with Staff of Light including special!
508/525 with Hand Cannon including special!

    Runeclown Pkz client V4.0

    U back 4 m0r
    U back 4 m0r

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    default Runeclown Pkz client V4.0

    Post  U back 4 m0r on Mon Apr 04, 2011 12:37 am

    This is probably the most I've ever coded continuously & the most I've done in my coding career so far.

    Current RS Health Bar
    Download: RuneClown Client V4.0.rar - 65.6 Mb
    Custom Health Bar
    Download: RuneClown Client V4.0.rar - 65.6 Mb
    Before I say the updates please thank our host & an owner Anthony A.K.A. I pk alot I for keeping the server up!
    I'm proud to announce RuneClown Pkz Client V4.0 feauturing:
    100 percent safe Clanwars
    Mapdata fixed!
    Staff of light special!
    Hand cannon with special!
    Torva armour!
    Combat redone!
    Zombies at the graveyard east of Bounty Hunter drop rare items, but with a low drop rate!
    Height Level Saves in most places!
    Miasmic spells work even better now!
    Korasi's Special now 100 percent like RuneScape!(other than emotes & gfxes)
    Inventory/Drop models much neater and more accurate!
    Much more!

    Download: RuneClown Client V4.0.rar - 65.6 Mb
    Download: RuneClown Client V4.0.rar - 65.6 Mb

    Enjoy updates will continue!

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    default Re: Runeclown Pkz client V4.0

    Post  Deggerz on Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:16 am


    Is the boss tunnel going to be added next time? All the videos show it and everybody asks about it when they join

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