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    Should I Become Forum Mod/ In-Game Mod/ Chatbox Mod?

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    Post  -BackAway on Thu Feb 24, 2011 1:13 am

    (Ingame)Name: BackAway (Real)Name: Alex

    Age: 15

    Why you've applied: I think that I can contribute alot to this server. I'm not very sure many people will say yes, but i'm willing to stay at my current rank. I think that a few players think i'm OK. I will help all players, even if admins need help, i'll be there!

    My Attitude towards work: I'm nearly online every day depending on when the server is up. I will concentrate hard when i'm online and will try to help in any way.

    Past Experiance: I have slight experiance of this server but I have much more on others. I've been admin on 3 other servers and have been mod on 4 diffrent servers. I'll gladly say I think I have some experiance.

    How much time I will contrubute: ITS BELOW THIS.

    How Much Time Can You Spend Online Forums/in-game?As i've said. I'm normaly online every day and whenever I can be I will be on the Forums too. Even if i'm busy, I will respond to a help call.

    Contact:Facebook, MSN, Forum Messages, iPod pingchat.

    What Position?Forum Moderator, In-Game Mod, Chatbox Mod.

    Thank you very much for your time, I proberly wont get the position because people dont know me well. But Thanks anyways


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    King Saim
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    Post  King Saim on Thu Feb 24, 2011 6:12 pm

    Your missing How much time can you contribute . Add that and i will then read it. Smile

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