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    Paco's Admin Application! :D



    Should Paco Be Admin?

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    default Paco's Admin Application! :D

    Post  Paco on Mon Jan 17, 2011 11:29 pm

    1- What is your real name?[you dont need to answer]: Ashton Wolfe

    2- How old are you?: I am 15 almost 16

    3- Which time zone are you in? (Ex., EST/ PST): United States Pacific Time.

    4- How many hours a day can you play? Per Weekend?: About 2 on weekdays because of Basketball after school, and about 5-7 on weekends!

    5- Have you ever been a staff on any other Private servers (proof would be nice)?:Yes, I have. I have been Mod 11 times | Admin 8 | Head-Admin 4 | Super Admin Twice | Co-Owner 4 | and Owner twice (after the real owner quit he chose me). I have had great experience on every server I have played on and no one has ever had a complaint or a problem with me being part of staff on any server. I work extremely hard to earn staff on some servers; especially this one. I worked probably 3rd hardest on this one because I really like it and since I started again, it has grown to be a great server for everyone so far.

    6- If Yes , What is the name of the server(s)?
    Servers are : Mods 11: | destroypkz | pkheavnez | ripheartscape | rswarfare | frostiescape pvp | deathpk | Corruption X 317 | guerilla warfarepkz | badpatscape | hurtel-scape-pwn | pk monster508.

    Admins 8: | socioscape | untouchablepkz | dritter-scape | shoekillz | ihelpu4everV2 | assasinscape | pk-momz | terrible-trench-pkz.

    Head-Admin 4: | Darkskillz | salival-scape | warfare-pkz | pk3d777.

    Super Admin 2: | dark-legends-scape | spirit-pkz |

    Co-Owner 4: | Unlimited-pk | mod3rn pk | cheatskape | dclawzpwn.

    Owner 2: Path-o-dead | boxrune-revolution (not the real boxrune).

    I have never had 1 complaint ever since I have started as a mod on any server that I have ever played in my life. I have been playing rs-ps's for about 2-3 years and I have learned more leadership skills and how to be nice and consequences. It kinda helps me in school sometimes too .

    (This took me forever to remember! )

    7- Do you have a good knowledge of staff commands?

    Mod commands:

    ::mute (Player name)

    ::jail (player name)

    ::ban (Player name)


    ::teleto (Player name)

    Admin commands

    ::mute (Player name)

    ::ipmute (Player name)

    ::jail (Player name)

    ::ban (Player name)


    ::teleto (Player name)

    ::teletome (Player name

    Owner Commands:

    ::teleall (own name)


    :bject (2213)

    ::Interface (100)

    :npc (639)

    (And the other Admin commands)

    8- What do YOU think is the most important duty of being a Staff?: I would have to say probably respecting everyone or not absuing any of your powers. Every duty in staff is really really important but it would be best for those 2 in my opinion.

    9-What is your character name on our server?: Paco!

    10- What makes you think you are qualified to be the Admin on Runeclown-Pkz?: I have been a decent player on this server and I am one of the oldest known and most helpful people on this server. I have played since the the server started, well a week after it and I have helped people throughout the whole time. I have never abused the power I had and I would also I am a pro adverter and I can get tons of people on the server and I tend to try to do that. This server is very fun and I have worked extremely hard on it.

    11- Any other relevant information?: I am a very nice person and I try to give people 2nd chances on their mistakes but it depends what they did wrong.

    12- Did you take your time on this?: Ohhh yeah, it took me about 3 hours because of the how many times have I been staff.

    13-Why should you get Admin?: I am a very responsible, chill, active, fun, and nice person and I have a lot of experience with being staff of all positions including being promoted to Co-Owner a few times. I love playin rsps's and I started playing this server and it looks really fun. I am also one of the oldest known players to play this server. (:

    14- How often will you contribute to forums?: Everyday holmes!

    15- Would you consider yourself a good staff member?:Of course because I have never had a complaint, gotten banned, nor demoted on any server that I have achieved staff in. This server is the one I've loved for a long time and I hope to help it a lot!

    Thank you very much for reading,


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    default Re: Paco's Admin Application! :D

    Post  b3stb3t on Tue Jan 18, 2011 1:06 am

    Very Well Written My Friend.. Good Luck!

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    default soz

    Post  Fishbone on Wed Jan 19, 2011 1:42 pm

    hmm.. u seem maybe too have experience but u should wait longer wait maybe like 1-2 months before u begin too applicate for staff spot Wink

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    default Re: Paco's Admin Application! :D

    Post  Paco on Wed Jan 19, 2011 4:26 pm

    I used to be mod on this server a while back and m0r remembers me so I just wanted to apply to see if maybe I got admin.
    King Saim

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    default Re: Paco's Admin Application! :D

    Post  King Saim on Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:52 pm

    Excellent Job, I Hope you earn Mod Bro, Very Happy

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    default Re: Paco's Admin Application! :D

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