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    awmgawmg's mod application



    should "Awmgawmg" be in game moderator or forums moderator?

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    default awmgawmg's mod application

    Post  awmgawmg on Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:18 am

    first off i could not find the correct mod app format so i used i gettos i

    Name: Shawn Hatfield in-game-name awmgawmg.
    Age: 16.

    Why have you applied for this position and why should we pick you:if you pick me to be mod i will be on almost 10+hours a day i am on everyday as of now for atleast 7hours or more i just got back from camping so i was not on for a week =) and also i will always be on when another staff member is not usually i help every new player i see or asks me a question. I just helped someone for about 1 hour with the server explaing what we have to do =).

    Your Attitude towards work?: I love keeping servers in order i enjoy working for players =).
    Past mod/admin experience: mod: 5 times admin:about 3-4 i say times co-owner: 0 times.

    How much time can you Contribute to the Forums/Server: I LOVE browsing the forums! If i need to i can be around 5-10 hours online every day.

    How can we contact you if needed: Skype jasons1733 is the user.,FB,yahoo email,text me (pm after i have had some time with you to get #).
    What type of staff position, Mod In-game/forums.

    How can you help the server?: I can help by inviting close people off of my old server which i was admin, And help ANY players in need with ANY task in game (besides pking Razz) or on forums.

    How long have you played?: I have played since version 3.7 or 3.8 on of those :p former username: jasons173 before reset.

    What do you do if someone is breaking a rule?: Over yell and in pm i will say (user)warning one if a flame too me or any other players. when i reach warning 3 i jail. i only mute if they exceed to flame or curse at me or others after i warn.

    Will you invite players, or just lie and say you will for staff?: already started Wink

    Time Zone: pacific

    Thanks; Shawn (awmgawmg)

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