Voltage's mod application. 10z2xd5
Voltage's mod application. 9tpedk
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    Voltage's mod application.

    Volt the jolt

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    default Voltage's mod application.

    Post  Volt the jolt on Sun Jun 05, 2011 7:34 pm

    applying for: mod
    experience: almost a year being mod for Near reality then quit cause of corruption, was mod on ruinscape for 2 months, have had my own server before been admin on 3 small servers and co-owned dragonscape for 6months.
    reason: i feel like the majority of the servers members know me and like me, i know my way around the server very well, i can answer preaty much question any one will ask me, ive never abused power when ive had, and i feel i can really help better this server even though its already perfect.


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