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    shoudl i get mod?

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    Post  tj on Sat May 14, 2011 5:17 pm

    Name: tj irl and black sheep on game
    Age: 16
    Why have you applied for this position and why should we pick you: well i love this game and ive had past mod experence and i feel like i deserve a shot at mod like a how would i put this temp mod i guess and see if it works out because you can give someone mod and they might not be very good and i have pretty good grammar skills
    Your Attitude towards work?: well my attitude would be good i guess i love to help people if someone ask's a question i always try and be first to help he/her with their question and i feel like i could help the server get alot of other players to enjoy the game as much as i do
    Past mod/admin experience: well lets see ive been mod on around 6 servers i dont remember many been playing rsps's since 2006 ive been admin on 3 and ive never owned one seeing as im not a good coder but the only server i play now and hopefully for a long time is runeclown
    How much time can you Contribute to the Forums/Server: im usually on for about 10 hours a day sometimes less sometimes more during the week i have school for 2 more weeks and then its only going to be around 5 or so per day but weekends i get up early and i start up runeclown at about 9 and play till 3 in the morning or so lol
    How can we contact you if needed:well my main one would be ventrillo i have a skype its not always up i have a cell phone if needed i will give number its always on uhmm that would be the only way besides facebook im on facebook alot so if needed just send me a message and ill be on within the hour
    What type of staff position, (forum, chat, ingame: well i would like to get ingame mod seeing as garrbear is the only one with it to my knowledge and i dont see him on much and i feel like its needed: and if possible i would like to be a ingame admin


    well i love this game ive played for a little over 4 months about on 2 different accounts black sheep is my main account that im always on so please give love a chance lol

    <3 black sheep

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