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    Whoops Fail -Mod application.


    Do you think I would be a good moderator?

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    whoops fail

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    default Whoops Fail -Mod application.

    Post  whoops fail on Mon May 09, 2011 4:04 pm

    Hello RuneClownz, Sam here[Whoops Fail] and this is my in game moderator application. I hope you enjoy.

    About Me:
    My name is Sam and i'm 14 years old. I am currently living in the United Kingdom I enjoy playing this server and, helping out players. I've been playing the server for about 2 months.

    Why Do I Want To Be Moderator?
    I want to be a moderator because I feel that there are not enough staff members online, when i'm playing the server. This can cause a lot of rule breakers, [Xloggers, PJing and simple spamming] I think i'd be a good moderator because I help out all players when I'm online, a lot of people like me [not being big-headed.] I'm a very active player, playing for around 4 hours+ each day and, I've contributed to the server from donating.

    How Do I Plan To Help As Moderator?
    I will help this server by simply, punishing all rule-breakers and helping all players that need my assistance.

    Thanks for reading my Moderator Application
    Kind Regards, Whoops Fail

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