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    How people get moderator


    How do you think it should happen?

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    Post  Deggerz on Mon Apr 18, 2011 11:09 pm

    Right. I am making this topic because I feel that the server should have a set way of getting staff. Instead of just having loads of different ways which make it seem less fair to certain people

    Here are the options

    - Apply on forums
    Every server has this. Makes it fair. You apply, people comment, owners see how good you would be for staff, they choose
    However does seem like good people do not get a fair chance if they are new or unpopular

    - Recommendations
    Only people that are known would get recommended. This could also be a bad thing as owners cannot see if the people that are being recomended are paying people to tell owners. Also seems very unfair...

    - Donate
    Not gonna lie. This just seems the most fucked up way of getting staff...
    Just because somebody pays a lot of money doesn't mean they should get mod/admin/owner. They should get known, owners should trust them. Also not very safe...people can trick paypal into giving money back...and they can really fuck up the server...sorry for swearing

    - Do nothing...let owners decide
    Fair...everyone gets a chance
    or do they...owners can't be on all the time

    So what do you think? I hope that "U Back 4 M0r" and "I Pk Alot I" read this and maybe think about it...

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