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    Admin raph for admin

    admin raph

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    Post  admin raph on Tue Dec 14, 2010 11:53 am

    First name:raphael
    State or country:canada
    Ingame char name/name's:Admin raph

    How long have you been coming to this site to know what has been going on?:3 month

    How often do you play daily? And what time of day usually?:about 2 hour

    Have you played any other server? If so list them here:generation x, co owner of naturescape, admin in battlesoul,corruption and about 10 more

    What position are you applying for? Mod/Forums Mod/Admin/?:i help alot of ppl and i recruited about 12 player. i know how to help and know when its time to jail,mute and all this.i got experiance, i was head admin in first source

    Why exactly do you think you should get this position?:cause i want to be part of the staff, help the ppl will be my first occupation

    Do you have any experience with staff commands?:admin in first versio, co owner of naturescape,admin in battlesoul

    Tell us about yourself, not asking for a life story. Just an understanding of the type of person you are.:when you know me, its really nice to be whit me, i dont abuse if i got a better position or something like this, i will alway help you if there a probleme
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    Post  King Saim on Thu Feb 24, 2011 6:03 pm

    Please use my format, and make another app.

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