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    A little guide for players


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    default A little guide for players

    Post  mod-iowna on Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:57 am

    alien Yo guys iv'e decided to make you a guide on how to get void,cash and other items and some people have been asking about jad so this is what you do !!!


    Ok so you keep killing jad at you dont have a clue why you keep dieing with pray on?

    1. Pray dossent work with jad if it did it would be to easy Very Happy!

    2. If you want to kill the jad for a fire cape you can just keep going back after dieing Razz (this is to make it more of a challenge)

    3.No i dont think there is a tukkul shop Very Happy!


    Guide to easy and quick cash

    Go to quest list and click boss tunnels, it will teleport you to the first monsters, borks.
    In the boss tunnels there are a large number of boss monsters to kill, most of them have a decent drop rate, i suggest skyltern wyverns Very Happy! they drop chatic and primal 2hs Surprised


    Guid to easy and quick void

    Teleport to boss tunnels , and kill borks for around 20 minuets :p By that time you will have a full invent of items, which will either contain full void or enough money to buy full void of players Smile

    Guide to easy cash !

    Once again teleport to boss tunnels, theese are some of the monsters and there drop rates:

    B o R k

    This drops coloured dark bows

    Spirit shields

    Normal dark bows

    Evil spirit shields

    Abbysal whip


    super restores

    void melee helm

    void ranger helm

    void mage hood

    void robe top

    void robe bottoms

    void gloves

    Sorry guys so far this has took me 1 hour 30 minuets Surprised, it may not be much but it sure is hard to get the right pics lol Very Happy anyway i will finish it off later on when i get back on Smile hope this helps so far, cyaa[i][u]
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    default Re: A little guide for players

    Post  King Saim on Thu Feb 24, 2011 6:08 pm

    Amazing job!@!@!@

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