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    kill z0nes mod/admins application


    should i kill z0ne be an admin or moderator?

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    kill zone

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    default kill z0nes mod/admins application

    Post  kill zone on Sat Feb 19, 2011 5:04 pm

    ign name: kill z0ne
    irl name: Jessy Dalton (age 14 3/4)

    Why have you applied for this position and why should we pick you?
    I think you wouldnt regret making me a mod/admin,as i have some experience being an admin, co-owner, and i have been playing for about a month. I havnt been in trouble for anything major on this server, and i plan to keep it that way, and i wont abuse powers, like defxnation did, because ik how it feels to be on the other end getting fucked.Sad Sad

    Your attitude towards work?
    i get paid $10 a week, ik its not much, but i dont really need money, although i have about $220 atm, im going to buy an xbox, and then help pitch in maybe like $20-$40 for a vps.

    Past mod/admin experience: ive been moderator on a server called xredemptionx or something, but it crashed a long time ago, and co-owner on my irl friends server, xscape, and then he quit it and left me with it, and i managed it as owner for about a month, then dumped it cuz there was like 4 players on per day.(i gave them a heads up)

    How much time can you Contribute to the Forums/Server?
    as i have said before, ive been playing ingame for about a month or so, and my other forums acc didnt work, so i made this one: kill zone.

    How can we contact you if needed: no, that isnt a joke, i made it while i was drunk, and stuck to it ever since Smile

    What type of staff position,(Forum,chat,in-game):i would like ingame admin, but mod would still be fine...if i was ingame mod, wouldnt i automaticly be forums mod also? because i still check forums and stuff anyways.

    ps: this is a really sick server, i basicly quit rs for it, and at first i wanted to just buy my way for admin, but now ima try and earn it by respect

    -Kill Z0ne- afro (sorry, he just looked really cool)

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    Post  damian on Sat Feb 19, 2011 6:37 pm

    umm your attitude towards work means if you like to help people or dislike etc not your irl job:P and howmuch time you contribute means liek 3 hrs a day or stuf flike that

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    Post  mod-iowna on Sat Feb 19, 2011 8:35 pm

    hmm, i like your mod app but theres what damian said and theres one thing i noticed, as staff you should'nt swear because you follow the same rules as the players, in your app i noticed you swore its no big deal but could you please remove it? it may affect your chances if another member of staff reads it :p ,, thanks - - Iowna
    King Saim
    King Saim

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    Post  King Saim on Thu Feb 24, 2011 6:20 pm

    I also agree with Damian, Attitude is a big key to a good app

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